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Architecture eh? It’s everywhere! Victorian town halls, Georgian manor houses, Modernist skyscrapers. They’re all such common sights that we’ve almost stopped noticing it at all. Sort of hidden in plain sight. Something from a bygone age that only historians and architects are interested in.

Well that used to be true until Kevin McLeod came along in 1999 with his Grand Designs series. Now after 160 episodes, it seems like almost everyone fancies having a go at their very own dream home. A Hobbit burrow made from hay bales – easy! A steel and concrete creation all covered in glass – no problem! Or how about finding a clearing in the forest and living in a hand-built wooden shed, with no water, no heating and no wifi? Each to their own!

The fact is, Grand Designs made everyone realise that architecture should be something we can all appreciate and actually benefit from. Far from being a dusty study of old buildings, Kevin taught us all that when building a home, architecture is basically a well thought-out building design with our own personal touches added for individuality.  A home with brains and beauty. Something that looks amazing and really works well too.

And then there’s the whole emotional side of building your own home. If you’ve ever seen the programme, you’ll remember the tears, stress and joy in the eyes of the homeowners, sometimes all at the same time, as the build progresses. But at the end when everything’s complete, there’s always some kind of wow! moment, isn’t there? When the building is done, the paint is dry and everyone is all moved in, it almost always looks incredible. It’s what makes it all worthwhile. A true life achievement. And more tears!

That’s the journey. It’s not about racing to the end as fast as possible. It’s about one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Choosing a design, getting the funding, finding the perfect plot and seeing the whole project through to the end, step by step. All the decisions, all the challenges, all the excitement of seeing your dream take shape before your very eyes. Nothing else is quite like it.

And the good news is, it’s easier to build your own house now than ever before. The government has simplified many of the application processes. Plus, getting the funding and finding the right plot is easier too. So much of it is done online these days, so we can dip our toe in and discover what works for us, without all the research and letter writing it involved in previous years.

Plus, of course, you can ask your friendly neighbourhood builder! Call us today and ask our advice on self builds and what’s involved. We have years of experience which can really benefit you in helping to make all the critical early decisions. It’s all part of the service!