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Have you ever noticed how all the really major things in life have lots in common? The planning, the excitement, the expectation and of course, a little bit of stress to make it even more interesting!

And why do these big events make us feel that way? Because they matter. They impact our lives in so many positive and lasting ways. We live with them and remember them.

It’s something we know about, because a building project is a big deal for everyone involved. It changes things. It needs to be completed on time, within budget and according to the plan. And only then will it leave a lasting impression of a job well done.

So what makes a really good builder? You’d be right in thinking that actually, the answer is ‘everything’! Every little detail matters. Whether we’re undertaking a commercial refurbishment, a new home or a sensitive renovation, each element literally builds upon the last, to produce a successful project, big or small.

But just so we don’t look like spoilsports, here’s the definitive list of 5 qualities to look for in your next builder. We thought about making them all number one, because in a way, they are. So in no particular order:

  1. Do you have the time to play call-tag with your builder? You need a builder who shares your vision and makes you feel confident and comfortable when discussing the sometimes complex aspects of the build. You can and should expect this.
  2. You want a builder who has long experience across all sorts of projects – new builds, homes, commercial projects, renovations. Ask to see examples and request recommendations and testimonials.
  3. In the process of choosing a builder, cost is naturally a major factor. That’s as it should be, but it’s still no indicator of quality. Cross-reference your major criteria with each other to get a fuller picture.
  4. Quotes and warranties. Get clear with your builder on guarantees and warranties on all works to be carried out. A good builder will want to sit down and discuss this with you. They’ll value transparency as much as you do.
  5. A good builder is busy. It tells all sorts of stories about quality, reputation and trust. But as with all the above, it’s not the basis of your decision. Gather your info, ask the right questions, obtain schedules and timescales. The right company will be happy to commit.

Quite a hefty list of qualities to look for in your builder maybe, but well worth investing the time in a strong foundation for your project. After all, it’s going to change your life in one way or another. It has to be right, right from the start.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and hear how our approach delivers beautiful projects on time, within budget and beyond your expectations.